All Silver’d Up

All Silver’d Up

I’m back from my ’round-the-South mileage run. In a couple of days/weeks, it should register that I’ve achieved Silver Elite status.


All in all, the trip wasn’t too onerous, like some in the past have been. It was a quick trip to Houston, a nice wait while I ate Cajun food [yum!] and then a hop over to Gulfport/Biloxi and back. Now, I get to add another airport and another state to the places I’ve been.

One interesting thing I did see was the remaining devastation from Katrina that still lines the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Gulfport. I saw many empty lots, empty foundations, and damaged buildings. I also saw a lot of rebuilt or newly built houses as well. It looks like at least some people were able to start again, but many may never be back.

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